Coaching with Jennifer

Coaching has allowed me to accelerate my growth in real estate and have success more quickly than running alone. The benefit of Coaching allows you to lean on other people’s experiences and gain wisdom through their trials rather than make mistakes along the way which cost both time and money. Everybody knows time is our biggest asset.  Here at Lighthouse ventures, we want to see you accelerate your growth and gain financial freedom as quickly as possible utilizing a proven system that has rewarded many.

Building Wealth Together

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Accelerate your progress!

By having a personalized action plan, we can achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. There is an endless amount of information out there, & having a guide to help guide you makes all the difference.

Shorter Learning Curve

Learning from others' mistakes is not only the quickest way to success, but the smartest. Mistakes can cost you serious money, time & effort to correct. 


A coach will encourage you to take action and account for your time by analyzing the steps taken between each call. By doing so, you will be able to see what areas need more focus and how you can add value to others.

Exposure to My Network!

A coach will be able to help you get in touch with his/her colleagues and how you may be able to leverage that relationship that otherwise would taken you a long time to forge,.


Shane Nelson, DDS


Jennifer was more than happy to share what she has learned by being in the trenches & figuring out what has worked for her & what hasn't. This was exactly the advice I needed as a novice. Jennifer has developed a series of online coaching programs that catered to what I was interested in. I would highly recommend taking Jennifer's program if you want to learn from the ground up.

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Building wealth requires a bold first step, and it's better to have a coach to help guide you through the process.

Let's make your financial goals a reality.